About MRC

A Texas Tradition of Quality Care

For over 50 years our residents have counted on us to know that true hospitality goes deeper than manners.

It's about getting you a chair before you know you want to sit. Bringing you a drink before you're thirsty. Giving back to the community. And doing right by folks.
No matter what.

This has been our focus since 1962.

At MRC we realize that there is no greater mission in life than serving others. And after 50 years, MRC is steeped in the tradition of caring for one another, providing a high quality of life for those we serve, and to the nonprofit service ministry.

The staff at MRC recognizes that we play a precious role in the daily
lives of the residents  that we serve.

We respect the MRC legacy of quality care and look forward to  continued growth that will give us the opportunity to serve more seniors in evolving  and innovative ways.